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Good morning Moms! 

It’s a beautiful day….well here at least.  We’re getting towards the middle of July, summer holidays and all that fun stuff.  Although to be honest somedays it’d be nice to just call a babysitter and go out for coffee with yourself.  To just have a few moments to think an independant thought beyond something related to your children, housekeeping or cooking.  

It’s The Little Things

Well let me invite you to take a simple moment right now.   I understand simple moments because as I’m writing to you my 3 year old has wriggled his way on to my lap and is talking in my face and pinching my cheeks.  Ahhh….these special moments.  I’m half in and half out.  Half of me wants to put everything aside and just snuggle his rapidly growing yet still little body.  The other half wants him to go find something to do so I can write to you.

From Mom to Mompreneur

Sometimes it’s overwhelming and then we think how could I possibly add one more task into this schedule.  How can I build a web empire?  How can I become and internet mogul?  Well my challenge today is….beginning with a smaller question.  How can I build A website?

Easy, the Wealthy Affiliate program has the platform and everything you need.  It has a free website builder and free hosting.  You will simply type in your content and add the pictures you want and TA DA!  A website is born, quite easily I might add.  The first steps to starting your online business have begun.  Soon you’ll be making money online from home.  

You can do this!  The whole beautiful Mom adventure and more.  With a program all set up that you can just click save and walk away from for a day or week if needed.  With a program that offers real time, real people support.  People that are challenged with life just like we are and people who have no experience like me.  Some days I don’t get on here at all.  Other days I can find 20, 40, 120 minutes to spend learning and refining.  It’s going to profit.  My future will change.  It’s just going to take some time. 

More…..A life fully lived!

I want to encourage you that nothing in life worth getting is worth giving up on.  I don’t know your specific challenges but I do know there is support.  I do know that there are people to talk to.  Even on here I can be one of them.  It’s not just about business.  It’s about being successful with life and relationships and overcoming things we didn’t think we could.  We don’t all start out with great strength and great resolve but it comes through surmounting difficulties and trials and finding out that tomorrow the sun will rise again.  Hope is on the horizon and though it doesn’t yet look like the day we’ve been waiting for, there is a seed in today that can produce the tomorrow you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s take another step together and keep moving forward!


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