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So you want to be a Mompreneur?  A full time Mom making a business on the side.  This is the idea in my head….well I mean there are no limits in my imagination.  Not just an idea, becoming a Mompreneur can be Your reality.  It can happen sooner than you think!  Start right now.  There’s not time like the present.  So I begin dreaming of being a Mompreneur.

Then before me in real time is a website and Wealthy Affiliate training.  People throwing around words like ‘Passive Income’, ‘Niche’, ‘SEO’, and I’m feeling out of my comfort zone.  There is training to do and videos to watch.  Time……this is going to take some time!

Some self talk starts going on in my head about finding the best online training, multiple streams of income, how to find the best niche.  I’m overwhelmed.  Oh and throw into the mix of these thoughts the interruptions of my children needing me, or wanting the computer.  Wait..what am I making for supper?

Successful Mompreneur

Suddenly I feel a little discouraged and think that this is all too much.  Risk is worth the reward though right?  I mean I can potentially have my own web empire and do it all from the comfort of my couch with tea in hand. (Sounds great!)  Am I a crazy dreamer?  Well let’s not go there because the answer without hesitation is YES!


My vision wasn’t just to build a web empire…..although that would really be lovely.  I had a vision that maybe I could help a Mompreneur or two.

Someone else out there who needs more income, more options for the future, more financial stability for your family.  A Mompreneur is born!  Maybe, just maybe I could help you learn, help you dream, help you succeed.  I’d really love to do that.  To be an encouragement and partner.  To help you have that Ah-hah moment where you say “YES! this is what I’ve been looking for.”  I want to be a Mompreneur!!

Homework  for today….write a list of 3 goals you have for your future that MONEY would make the difference in accomplishing.  You can make them simple or extraordinary, but something that you think if you worked hard enough and dedicated yourself you could accomplish.

When we write down dreams they become goals.  When we write down a plan for those goals we turn the plan into action.  That plan in action will turn those goals/dreams into a reality.  This is what we’re going for!!!

I’m taking the leap, will you jump with me?


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2 thoughts on “Becoming a Mompreneur

  • September 4, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    Hi Melanie,
    This article was well written and engaging. I could relate to much of what
    you said about being overwhelmed at times.
    You did an excellent presentation of Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t know if I
    would have kept going without the encouragement I receive from the WA family.
    Your graphics are a good part of your post and you made some excellent choices.

    Have you encouraged anyone today?
    Have a happy day!
    Vanna Pearl

    • September 4, 2018 at 3:10 pm

      Thank You Vanna, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Wealthy Affiliate really does have an amazing online community! It’s very encouraging and supportive and I’ve easily found help when I reached out for assistance. Cheers.


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