Starting an online business for free! It’s not complicated.

How do we reach our goals of having our own online business?  Where do I start?  How is it all going to come together?  Is starting an online business for free a real possibility?  There are many questions about starting a business.  It takes stepping into the unknown when we start something new because it’s exactly that…  We don’t know yet as what it’s going to look like. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is new to you, the Wealthy Affiliate program is new to you.  What can this program do for you?  Wealthy Affiliate can help with starting an online business for free.  Yes, free!  That’s a great place for you to start. 


starting an online business for free

Your own online business  

Before you had children you could only guess at what it would be like.  The joys, the challenges, watching your children grow.  Most people have more than a few ideas of what it will look like, how many children you want, if they’ll play sports or instruments.  At some point in your life these dreams become a reality and it never looks quite like what we dreamed.

It’s okay that life doesn’t turn out according to our expectations, I think that’s one of it’s beauty’s.  There is uncertainty mixed with adventure and suprise.  In the end I often find it better than my imagination, perhaps a little messy, but better because it’s my own journey.

Beginning a business on your own can come with so many questions.  What will it look like?  Will I make Money?  Is it going to take a lot of time?  How much will it cost?  Many questions, and perhaps reservations.  You are venturing out into the unknown and while no one can say exactly what it’s going to look like, it’s going to be exciting.

Starting an Online Business for Free takes some of the pressure off because it’s at no cost to you to start.  You are able to just get those creative juices flowing and spend more time concentrating on ideas.  It’s going to be something you create.  It’s going to come out of your own passion, experience, understanding and interests.  It will be unique and it will be an extension of you.

My challenge to us today is that we startStart something new, venture out into the deep, take the plunge and see how far we will go.  Let’s do it together, You and I.  Let’s take a step, or another step and dare to go into uncharted territory.

Starting an Online Business for free:

You’ve been waiting for the free part.  I know.  Wealthy Affiliate is an online program that you can sign up for, for FREE!  No obligation.  You’ll be able to start the online learning as well as have access to free web hosting and be able to build up to 2 websites.  FREE!  It’s never been easier to start a real, legitimate online business. 

Wealthy Affiliate is here to help

New members are joining everyday and learning about Affiliate Marketing.  Turning their passion into profit.  Businesses always want to expand and create more revenue, they are looking to partner with new Affiliate Marketers who will promote their products.  Getting started is the first step, however, it’s a simple one.  Especially when you are starting an online business for free!  I’ve give us a few things to keep in mind when starting our business that will help us focus in and will produce longevity to this venture.

Adventure in starting our own business

4 pearls of wisdom for starting an online business that can help us reach our goal:

  1. Keep it Simple!  To start our business the most important part is the foundation.  We just want to start out simply with a firm foundation so that as it grows, it will be strong and able to stand the weight of expansion.  Simple ideas.  1 main focus.  Once that catches on we will look toward further growth.
  2. Keep it small.  At first when starting an online business we will not make money or expand until we have an audience.  The first step is attracting the audience.  So we aren’t going to dream about having 10 websites and making 10 Million dollars a year…..although that can come.  First we need to get people coming our way, interested in our idea and content and then we move forward.
  3. Make a short list of realistic goals.  Having goals written down turns them into a plan.  A plan put into practice will manifest results and become our success.  Right now the short list is: Build an attractive website -> Get traffic -> Get ranked in Google.  Lets keep the first things first.
  4. Give yourself time.  Most people who are now making 6 or 7 figures a year took months to a year to make their first sale.  Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but at first we should just look for getting that first sale.  Attracting traffic and making A single sale, that is a great goal!  We don’t want to get discouraged and quit before we really started. -> So give yourself time, ask for help and hints if needed.  ***Put in the necessary work***  But give yourself time.

That’s it for today’s post.  I just wanted to give some helpful advice on online business and that thought it seems like dreaming small… is a key to us having longevity and actually ending up where we always dreamed we could go.  Don’t be afraid of the title “online business” because the great part of Wealthy Affiliate is that it feels like you are just building a website, talking about things you like to talk about and getting paid for it.  


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