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To start an online business and be successful at it, you want to start with the best online business training.  I’m here to help with that.  The program I recommend has all the work done for you.  It uses WordPress which powers 31% of the internet.  It’s how you’ll write your content for your website.

Wealthy Affiliate (Top Ranked Affiliate Program) is using over 13 years of combined knowledge to give you an edge as your start your business.  Taking just one step at a time you’ll learn how to create a brilliant website.  They’ll teach you the tips of how to create good, readable content.  You will add your own style by choosing a theme, which is basically the format of the website.  How the menus and writing look and the background and colors, etc.  They’ll coach you in choosing a ‘niche’ which is a fancy word for your ‘target audience’.  This audience is who you are trying to reach when marketing, or selling products.  

Affiliate Marketing Quickly Explained

To be an affiliate Marketer we are basically choosing something we are passionate about or interested in.  Perhaps you are a crafty person and like knitting.  You would create a website that’s very specific….lets say knitting baby blankets.  Then you explain how to knit, perhaps post videos on knitting styles or training.  You can provide some free patterns or ideas.  Then you will find the products on lets say Amazon or Walmart.  You post the products on your page as you talk about them.  You create an affiliate parnership with Amazon, Walmart etc.  They give you a link.  You post that link and picture of the product you are talking about (yarn, knitting needles, etc) and when traffic (people) comes to your page and clicks the link and makes a purchase, you get a commission.  Commissions range from 6%-30% depending on the company and what programs they offer.

A Booming Market for Growing Your Online Business!

I’ve made this heading larger to be attention getting for a specific reason.  This SHOULD grab your attention.  I don’t want to just be a Mom online telling you my opinion.  There are facts and stastistics that some people like to know.  Real hard numbers or facts that speak to why I’m encouraging you to get online and start a long lasting business.  Right now in 2018 Affiliate Marketing spend is at 5.9 Million dollars and expected to reach 6.8 Million by 2020 which is just 2 years away.  Ya, I know, hard to believe it’s almost 2020.  Anyway….we are talking lots of money.  There are new start ups all the time and new companies that are gaining traffic in the online world and as Affiliate Marketing grows and the industry grows there will be more companies adding Affiliate Programs that we can benefit from.  As the Market increases so will our options.  Online sales are increasing year after year and it is still a great time to get in on the action.

9+ Affiliate Programs

I wanted to make some searching easier for you by giving you a list on some of the Affiliate programs along with the links.  It serves the dual purpose of providing the links for you as well as showing you a bunch of great companies that want to work with You!  That’s right!  They want to pay 💰 anyone who is going to promote their products and make sales.  That might as well be you and I.

You Tube has an affiliate program to use if you are going to have a Youtube channel and want to post advertising on your videos as a source on income.

Walmart.com and Walmart.ca both have Affiliate programs which you will sign up for if you plan to sell any products that are available at Walmart…which I would highly recommend.

Law Depot will give a commission of 30% for any law services sold through their affiliate program.  This includes things such as will kits, business plans, lease agreements, etc.

Ebay.com and Ebay.ca have affiliate programs and similiar to Walmart you would sign up for this program if you are going to suggest to your target audience to buy anything from Ebay.

Melissa & Doug have an Affiliate Program which will be great if you plan to be selling any toys or childrens educational items.

Lego has an Affiliate Program which would be great if your niche market includes anything Lego.


There are many, many more affiliate programs out there.  I just wanted to give you a few ideas so get you started and to do some of the legwork for you.  This into is meant to provide you with some direction as you choose your Niche and begin the adventure of starting your own online business.  You will be successful, there is a lot of help and support.  Please leave a comment below with any feedback, questions or suggestions.  I’m here to help!











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