How to write content for a blog-6 tips for writing great content.

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Since your website is made up of Content, knowing how to write content for a blog is the foundation for your business.  Here I give you just 6 quick tips on creating content that is exciting and engaging.  The more trustworthy the content, the better your site will rank.  These tips are a general over view, but they do cover the main concept of good, attractive content.  


How to write content for a blog!

1. Use conversational speech. 

People enjoy reading blog posts or webpages that talk to them like it’s a conversationAsk questions.  Answer questions!  Give ideas and tips and suggestions, but make it easy readingStatistics say you have the first 30 seconds of someone looking at your website to catch their attention.  After 30 seconds if they are still looking around, chances are higher they will stay and keep looking.

2. Good headlines. 

Good headlines sell newspapers.  Good headlines sell people on your website.  When they do a Google search and scroll through the options that popped up what is going to make you stand out from everyone else?  People need to be captivated or interested.  There are a few useful tricks to this.  One is using letters and numbers together

So if you were writing about a blender, and say someone is looking up blender reviews.  A heading of “Blender review” is not great, but “5 things to know before using your blender” is great.  Or “My top 3 smoothie recipes”.  You get where I’m going.  Another tip is to add some CONTROVERSYPeople like it.  So again using the blender example you could say “The best blender to buy” which is ok, but “Stop!  What you must know before buying X blender” is much more captivating.  You can use a title like this even if you are going to end up telling them that it’s a great blender that they really should have.

3. Do your research. 

People are far more likely to listen to you if you seem to know what you’re talking about.  Trying to sell products you haven’t personally used or wouldn’t use probably won’t make people look to you for advice.  Research doesn’t have to take hours and hours of your time but at least know enough about the product, pros & cons, how you personally use it, etc.  People looking are sometimes trying to find something to convince them, a properly researched and informed opinion can make the difference here.

4. Use relevant images. 

Pictures are worth a thousand words so they say.  Let’s use that to our advantage.  If you’re talking about making money, put a photo of money in that section.  If you are talking about travel then a photo of a sunset, people eating dinner or an airplane taking off go a long way to painting the idea in someones mind.  This also breaks up the monotony of text and more text.  We want to engage our audience, we want to catch and keep their attention and good visuals will help with that.  

5. Use your own ideas. 

Expect to be successful because you are bringing something unique to the table.  People choose different products one over another based on preference.  It’s the same with your website.  People will choose you because they like youHaving quality content is going to build trust with your visitors.  It gives you credibility.  They like what your website has to offer and what you have to say.  So say it your way with your own words, ideas & idiocyncrasies.  

6. Keep it concise.  

Getting too long winded or repeating what others have already said won’t help.  Tell people something new, tell them in an exciting way and get to the point.  It’s great to have lots of content, but it’s also nice for people to find the information they are looking for easily.  Break it up with topic headings.  Keep paragraphs short.  3-4 sentences.  Doing it well is great but keeping it readable is of equal importance.  If you are putting the content up, make sure it’s there for a reason.

Hopefully you’ve learned a little more about how to write content for a blog.  Let me know what you thought by leaving some comments, like and share to get the word out!


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